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Health Care Services at Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital


Some of the services we provide at Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital:


• Wellness examinations and vaccinations

• Elective and emergency surgery

• In-hospital diagnostic blood work

• Radiology

• Nutrition counselling

• Emergency veterinary care

• Acupuncture

• Travel documents

• Dentistry

• Specialist referral options


We offer house calls, when necessary, and are available 24-hours a day for emergencies; please contact us before bringing your pet to our clinic.

Small Animal Medical Services


Our trained staff at Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital offers a complete medical assessment

to determine the health of your pet and the cause of any obvious or potential problems.


We will discuss all treatment options with you to determine the best course of action,

including diet changes, medications, lifestyle changes and surgery.


We also provide animal dentistry, which is essential to your pet’s long-term health.


Contact us to schedule an appointment for your pet’s medical assessment or to alert us to an emergency.

Surgical Services

Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital provides various surgeries for pet’s health and population control.


We offer routine dog and cat spays and neuters. Our doctors also perform emergency surgeries, including exploratory laparotomy, wound repairs, and emergency Caesarean sections. For more invasive procedures, we can refer your pet to a specialist.


Contact Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital today to make an appointment for your pet’s medical assessment or sterilization surgery.

Small Animal Integrative Health Care


Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital, in conjunction with Dr. Patricia Logan, provides acupuncture therapy for your pet’s rehabilitation and general quality of life.


We also provide nutritional counseling to keep your pet strong and healthy, and behaviour counseling to help you train your pet and discourage unwanted and inappropriate expressions.


Contact us to make an appointment so we can assess your pet’s needs.


Veterinarian with Dog
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