Prescription Requests

If you are a client of Arrow Lake Veterinary Hospital and your pet requires regular medication, please fill out this form to request their medication. Please allow two business days for your prescription to be filled. Please leave the best way for us to contact you when the prescription is ready.


Please note that all patients require yearly examinations by law in order for prescriptions to be refilled. This is not intended for antibiotics or other medications that may require a veterinary examination each time it is dispensed.


Message Check List:


1. Your contact information so we can let you know when the prescrition is ready

2. Name of the medication and milligram of the tablet/capsule (ie. Meloxicam 7.5mg)

3. How much you are giving, and how often (ie. 1 tablet twice daily)

4. How many would you like (ie 10 tablets, or 1 week's worth)

5. Please provide an update on your pet - is the medication helping? (ie. Meloxicam really helps with joint pain, no vomiting or other adverse effects.)

Your details were sent successfully!